Thursday, July 3, 2008

Gift Registry by definition

Free Gift Registry, started in Australia, has seen great international growth over the past few months. The website was initially being used only really in Australia and developed by Australians, has incorporated terminology and social language into the system and it's branding. Is this a problem? If someone in the UK wanted a 'Gift Registry' they would be searching 'Gift List', and if an Australian was searching 'Glory Box' it would be 'Hope Chest' in the US. OR for a bit of fun... an eski would be a chilli-bin in New Zealand.

So what issues does this cause? - In recent research we have discovered that Canada, by far on the worlds scale is searching the terms 'gift registry'. Thanks to Google Trends, we can do this research.

As you can see on the right hand side, there is a graph that displays two lines.

The blue line is volume of keyword searched 'gift registry'.

The red line is the volume of keyword searched 'gift list'.

At the bottom you can see the break down of searching across different countries. What can be observed is that Canada is way out in front of any searches related to 'gift registry' and uk is way out in front of 'gift list'.

What Free Gift Registry endeavors to do is reach everyone around the world, no matter the language and location barrier.

No matter if you search;
...that we can provide an effective service to you that you are proud to tell your friends.

If you would like more information about Free Gift Registry or how our online gift registry service works, please contact us!

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Unknown said...

A gift registry is an organized list of gifts you are wishing to have .The guests of your occasion used to search your online gift registry and they purchase gifts from there as a token of love to you. People often wish to go for setting up a gift registry as it is easy to create, saves time and effort and also it provides a hassle free experience to gift giver as they are satisfied that money being spent by them is of proper worth now. An amazing experience for gift receiver also as they now have gifts whatever they have desired.