Monday, July 21, 2008

Birthday Gift Registry

Free Gift Registry over our lifetime has had a handful of Birthday Gift Registries. If you are confident your friends will get you some crappy gifts that you will never want how about trying to casually directing them to your gift registry website.

Sign up for a Birthday Gift Registry now!

We have lots of samples on our website that may be useful. Another concept that could be a help is that the gift list can be a checklist for what to bring for a certain occasion. A great help to this is a sample site we did for Dolcie's 70th Birthday.

Another great idea is that young Mum's or Dad's setting up a gift registry, set up a Birthday Gift Registry for young kids, toddlers or even babies. We have lots of people using it for baby showers. Please let us know if we can be an assistance to you at all for setting this up.

Another great plus Free Gift Registry has is it's pre-developed styles and backgrounds to suit your every needs.

Free Gift Registry Team

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